Prepare your house for the spring selling season – Declutter!

January is the month when talk turns to resolutions, and magazines and newspapers give readers tips and resources.

So here is my reader tip for decluttering, which somehow not only ranks up there with diets and health on New Year’s resolutions lists, but also hangs around in those shadowy cob-web corners that we don’t want to look at!

Home Storage Solutions can help you in your quest for that Zen living environment. The site offers that classic declutter-365approach of setting a timer and suggesting that you deal with stuff in a given space for a set amount of time.  Somehow its methods do the trick for those of us that either procrastinate (I’ll put it away tomorrow!) or are just plain disorganized by giving a structured approach to help encourage that motivation that says YES – I CAN DO THIS!!

For one, the site provides a calendar of daily to-dos and how-tos for the year.

So, for instance, during January there’s a mission each week—kitchen counters, kitchen cabinets and drawers, pantry, and refrigerator and freezer.

Each day of the week is devoted to an activity associated with that mission, whether that entails purging the junk drawer or making an inventory of the freezer and pantry.

If your kitchen spaces are in good shape, you can skip ahead to other months and find help with dealing with dining rooms, bedrooms and paper clutter.

For Sale signEspecially if you’re preparing your house for sale this spring or later in the year, this daily decluttering strategy will get your spaces in shape slowly and steadily and without panic.

You can sign up to get weekly reminders or join the Declutter 365 Facebook Group for daily reminders; you can find tips on specific problem areas –the dresser, the nightstand or the bathroom counter; and  you can print out monthly calendars, as well as checklists, inventory sheets, and password organizer forms.


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