Me and this Blog!

Hand on Hip GOODBorn and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, I have since lived in California, Texas, and now Boise, Idaho, hopefully my last stop.  When I initially visited Boise, I noticed a type of positive energy in the air.  It became home.  Since moving here seemingly many years ago, life continued with its many unexpected and uncontrollable changes.  The economy bottomed-out, hitting my husband and I very hard.  Being over 50 years old at the time seemed to make things even more difficult.  We survived, as many have, and through the survival incorporated many different things into our lives.  My husband now works for the State of Idaho, and I opted to sell real estate – something that my mother and older brother had been doing for years.

We live in Eagle with three aging dogs, an aging cat, one aging parrot, a one-eyed starling, and three parakeets. I continue to work with wild bird rehabilitation – especially during the Spring and Summer months – specializing in nestlings and juvenile rehabilitation.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a blend of real estate material, helpful aging information (for all of us Boomers – yes, we are aging!), and other items I have not yet planned for.  Hopefully you’ll follow along and lend me your comments and thoughts as we continue the travel through time on this planet.


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