Lost and Found!

lost items imageHow many hours do you guess you spend a day or a week looking for lost objects? It’s a huge time waster, yes?

Finding lost objects can be easier, thanks to some gadgets that let you attach a small (the size of a quarter or a stamp) tag to objects—keys, laptops, and gym bags, for instance–that you often misplace.

The tag relies on Bluetooth technology and lets you hunt down missing objects by using a phone app. The item usually has to be within a certain range – say 50 to 100 feet – of your smartphone.

Another use is attaching a tag on a dog’s collar. You get a notification if your pet has roamed out of range at a park or has left your yard.

In addition, some of these object-finding devices also allow others who are using the technology’s network to help you find lost items. That means that if you left a backpack in the park and it’s out of range of your phone, others’ phones can signal you and you and give you a heads-up about its location.

For more see:

As you’re choosing a device, be certain that the system you pick is compatible with your phone.  And remember that technology is changing as we speak!  A quick Google search on “object-finding devices” will keep you current with the market.

Enjoy your life!


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